4th of July Independance Day

Fourth of July holiday comes early in Luxembourg

2012 Independance Day 4th of July in Contern in the Conter Stuff

The Fourth of July holiday came three days early in the Grand Duchy when more than 300 people turned out at a special event in Contern.

Few people could miss the venue, The Conter Stuff, decked out as it was with a giant American flag at the front and Stars and Stripes bunting throughout the garden.

America's biggest national holiday was celebrated in traditional style with succulent barbecued burgers, hot dogs and fries. Throughout the day there were plenty of games and entertainment for all the family.

For US Ambassador to Luxembourg Robert A. Mandell it was his first Independence Day celebration in Luxembourg. Throughout the afternoon he had the chance to chat with visitors, including a number of US expatriates living in Luxembourg.

The annual event was organised by the American Luxembourg Society, in partnership with the American Women's Club of Luxembourg, Amcham and Democrats Abroad, among others.

It was also a poignant occasion for the American Luxembourg Society, which this year celebrates its 130th anniversary. Society vice president Romain Reinard told wort.lu/en: "The highlight of the event was Ambassador Robert A. Mandell attending and doing a speech to thank all the volunteers and sponsors. After the speech the American and Luxembourgish anthems were played."

To celebrate their anniversary, the American Luxembourg Society is to hold two concerts with performances by 160 American Student Musicians and Choristers, on July 8, 7.30pm at the Pétange Town Hall and on July 18 at Deischhall, Ettelbruck from 8.30pm. The latter will also be a Remembrance Day Celebration.

Despite the moody weather, a steady stream of more than 250 people--including Robert Mandall, the US ambassador to Luxembourg--attended the event on Sunday afternoon, which celebrated America s July 4 national day.

We had several people new to Luxembourg who came by and it was nice to meet the new members of the community, said Connie Gomez, president of the American Women s Club Luxembourg, one of the event organisers. Just as important, we were able to register a lot of people to vote in the presidential election in November via absentee ballot.

The fête featured face-painting, funfair games, hamburgers, hotdogs and other BBQ fare, and big raffle. Among the other items, Mandall donated one of his own paintings as a raffle prize.

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